Snapshot on AfriLEAD

At a recent chapter meeting, a number of us talked about researching the overseas ventures as a Member Learning activity (to learn more about an actual venture) and from the research determine what the venture’s needs are so that our chapter could create a database of current requests for specific resources/skills for ventures that are actively on the ground. This database of asks (someone else can definitely coin a better name, please let us know) is designed to help EWBers in Canada get more engaged with what’s going on in Africa and doing useful for the PF’s or APS.

It turns out EWB has already prepared brochures of various ventures. AfriLEAD is the venture our Professional Fellow Colleen O’Toole is currently working in. You can find out a bit more about AfriLEAD by reading the brochure here: It’s pretty exciting that a social enterprise based in Ghana is actively trying to reach out to high schoolers so that locals are creating change impacting. This is similar to what EWB is doing here in Canada!

Stay tuned, because we’ll get to find out more about tangible things we could do in Vancouver to get more involved with AfriLEAD.


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