Traits of an Intrapreneur

The EWB National Conference is happening in only several days. One emphasis of National Conference 2014 will be intrapreneurship. What is intrapreneurship or an intrapreneur? you ask. Loosely defined, an intrapreneur is an employee who takes risks to innovate an idea and thus transforms the company or organization. They are employees who are comfortable with thinking outside the box or challenging the status quo.

Chances are as change agents, we probably will run into naysayers and inertia, especially in a large establishment. How does an intrapreneur move beyond resistance to new ideas to create change?

A blog in the Harvard Business Review offered a list of traits of a successful intrapreneur. Have a read of the blog here.

I resonated with not making money as the motivator. If I really care about transforming my workplace or profession enough, financial compensation would not be my object. Heck, I might be so eager to see this change that I would work extra hard to achieve it.

What about you? Which are some traits you identify with? What would make it easier for you to be a successful intrapreneur?


One response to “Traits of an Intrapreneur”

  1. camelsncomputers says :

    It’s interesting to note that many start-ups, former start-ups and even long established companies are creating positions for “entrepreneur-in-residence” or “chief innovation officer” as they see the value in constantly innovating and improving. I see a time in the not too distant future where being an intrapreneur will not be rarity but a highly sought after quality like being a good communicator.

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