This blog is a platform to collect snippets of articles, excerpts of videos, threads from blog posts, and whatever bit of information that would foster Member Learning within the Vancouver City Network of Engineers Without Borders. The blog is designed to be organic and interactive. Feedback on posts is highly encouraged so that dialogues can flourish and continue beyond the blog and carry on at VCN meetings and vice versa.

Most of the topics covered in this blog pertain to development work in Africa. There are posts of material from with the EWB network, such as from myEWB. However, posts of material from external sources are a regular part of the blog. Although the main focus of the blog is African and Canadian EWB Ventures, other subjects areas are featured if they further learning and expand the knowledge base among EWBers in the VCN.

Member Learning is fundamental to the EWB culture because understanding the complexities of poverty and development is key to driving change and making meaningful impact. Intelligent development is driven by change agents who are knowledgeable and skilled in handling complexity. EWB values systemic innovation where complexities in poverty and development are recognized. Member Learning is a continuous process where EWBers gain their skills and enhance their knowledge and thus become effective champions in Canada for Africa’s accelerated development, committed to changing attitudes and courageously asking tough questions.

EWBers should be excited about learning and Intelligent Development Musings is a resource to promote learning and make it more accessible to EWBers.

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